January 10, 2010

The Kitchen

Overall when I moved in, the kitchen was in fairly good shape. I loved the small, built in shutter blinds in the windows and it had a lot of space to work with. I also like the vintage lights in the side door landing area as well as over the sink. They added some character to the place.

There was wallpaper on the inside panels of the kitchen cabinets and of course, on half of the walls. The cupboards are the originals from the 1940's and with just a fresh coat of paint and updated brushed nickel hardware, they looked OK enough. I wish we had more space, both storage wise and counter wise, but it works. The linoleum is blah. Neutral, but no matter which cleaning product or method I use, there are always areas that look dirty.

Before the market tanked, I was looking forward to re-doing the kitchen to add value to the home, but at this point, we know it will not help. So, you better believe the next house is going to have a great kitchen...with a dishwasher, which we do not have now.

Here are the before pictures. Note the wall paper in the center panels.

And here it is now. You can see in this immediate picture below some of my favorite things in this room: my Green Grass Kitchen Aid mixer (which you can read more about in this post), my green Pottery Barn Buffet (an outlet steal to help us with a shortage of storage), a small ledge shelf with our favorite cookbooks (Barefoot Contessa, Michael Symon and Williams Sonoma Bride and Groom) and the placemats my grandma made for me).

You can see my trusty crock pot working away on Sunday's dinner (pork tenderloin)

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