June 5, 2011

Yarn Wrapped Wreath with Felt Flowers

I am not the "crafty" type, however, I have been eye-balling wreaths like this on Etsy for close to a year but never made the decision to buy one due to price.  I have been wanting a new spring/summer front door decoration and I decided to take the plunge this morning and attempt this wreath.

I Googled a couple blogs for directions and thought it looked easy enough.  Heck Fridays had both a post on making felt flowers as well as wrapping the wreath.   I printed off some JoAnn's coupons and off I went.

Total cost of making this wreath was right around $10.00 in total.  I did have to buy a hot glue gun because the one I had went missing, but I was shocked at the end cost once I totaled it all together.

14 inch straw wreath - $2.99
120 yards of yarn - $1.97 (I found a color I liked in the Clearance section)
4 9x12" squares of felt @ .34 cents each - $1.36
Spool of ribbon - $3.79

The most time-consuming part was wrapping the wreath with yarn.  Since I picked a thicker yarn, I just wrapped it once.  Heck Fridays did theirs twice, but I didn't want to spend another two hours wrapping it twice...I thought it looked fine one time around with keeping it pretty tight when wrapping.

I did experiment with trying out the two different flowers like Heck Fridays had, but the long petaled ones looked awful when I tried them, so I stuck to the roses.  I followed the directions and before I knew it I had the amount I wanted for one side of the wreath.

I made a few different sizes of roses and was surprised how easy they were to make.  I ended up not even tracing the swirl and just free-handed it and I think mine came out pretty well!

All in all, it took me about 3 hours to do and I am pretty happy with the end-result!

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