January 11, 2010

2nd Bedroom/Office

Unfortunately, I do not have any before pictures for this bedroom. Luckily, the walls were just white, aside from the wall that had the extra large closet (for this area), that was a huge selling point for me. Houses built in the 1940's were not built for someone with a lot of clothes!

Now, just because only wall had wallpaper on just one wall doesn't mean it was easy. In fact, that was the worst wall of the whole house. When they originally put the paper up, they didn't do anything to prep the wall for it. It was a nightmare.

Originally, when I moved in, I painted this room a moss green and used my bedroom furniture from when I was younger. Once I started a job where I could work from home for all my early morning and late night conference calls, I modified this room into a home office. So co-workers, this is where the "marketing magic" happens. Ha. If only I could add the sound of a barking wiener dog (cough, cough, Olive) to complete the vision.

I also changed the paint from green to this pumpkin color (Greenfield Pumpkin from Benjamin Moore's historical collection to be exact) that my good friend Lisa has in her house...and I adore it. Never thought I would have pumpkin walls, but it works. The desk is Pottery Barn's Bedford Office collection. The bookshelf is also from Pottery Barn.

Kiko wanted in on the blogging in this picture too. :)

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Amy said...

I adore that color - so rich - more beautiful in person!


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