September 19, 2010

Our New Place...finally!

Certain people that haven't been over to see our new place since we moved in May have been asking for pictures, so today, when the sun was shining, the house was clean and new fall decor was put up, I decided to finally take some pictures.

We have been happy so far in our new place. The neighborhood is great, safe, quiet...all the things we were looking for. The animals have finally all settled in and have their new routines here. We think they are all very happy given all the windows to look out of (for the cats) and nice places to walk (for the dogs). There is also an abundance of pigeons and squirrels thanks to the neighbor that feeds both constantly. The dogs like to chase the squirrels and the cats like to eye ball the birds. We also have a resident chipmunk that has taken a liking to our yard and my flower pots. If I could trust my shot, the thing would be dead by now...but they are mighty little and mighty fast. Ahh, nature.

So here is our new home for at least the next couple of years. All of the paint colors were like this from the owners and we got pretty lucky in that regard! They worked well with our "stuff".  I am still waiting for my "dream" kitchen, but this is a great house for us for the next few years.

I will post outside pictures today, the rest will come during the week.

Backyard...we love the privacy fence!  You also can't see my flowers so well, but there are a lot.
View into the yard from the driveway

Back of the house (deck, sans grill and bench...getting ready for winter!)


Amy said...

Looks great Amy! Can't wait to see more.

Unknown said...

I like your style Martha! xo

Unknown said...

I like your style Martha! xo


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