January 14, 2010

The Bathroom

I left the bathroom alone for about the first year and a half. The plastic tiles, painted white were non-offensive for me to deal with. However, over time, some of the ones in the shower started to pop away from the wall and causing water to drip down into the basement. So, it needed to be fixed.

I think this might be the project my dad hated the most. He had to learn how to lay ceramic tile! I did most of the demo work. Great activity after a rough day at work. I think my dad did a great job and I love that his bathroom is updated, rather than having dated colored ceramic tile that so many houses around here have. I hope this is a selling point. It is a little small, but for a 2 bedroom house, how big can it be?

Old walls, vanity, mirror.

Taking the tiles off was the worst. I don't even know what to call this adhesive that was used (that brownish color). We fixed it by putting bead board up on the walls.
Stripped down to the studs to put up proper green board before the tile.

Here it is now. I recently painted the upper quarter of the walls to the beige after we re-drywalled the ceiling (which I don't recommend for anyone...if the walls in this bathroom could talk it would be something like f*$k, Da$n it, S%it) and adding a molding near the ceiling.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

What do you mean Amy, I loved working on that bathroom. It was such a bonding experience for us!! ;)

I didn't mind (after the fact) doing any of the work on the house. We just wanted to make sure you had a place that you enjoyed living in and you have made it so.

tamilyn said...

I hear you on the small bathroom. The house I grew up in had one bathroom, no shower and only one person could fit comfortably. I love the beadboard-makes me think of beachy scenes and vacation homes on the coast.


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