December 8, 2010

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

I don't sing, (outside the privacy of my own car or a kareoke bar in Asia after a few Tiger beers or sake bombs) but I do like to spread cheer putting up Christmas lights outside!  I was able to get them up on a warm-ish November day and I am glad I did before the super cold arrived!

A new house, a new challenge with lights.  There is no outside plug, so I had to run a long extension cord from the side of the house to the front.  It is bright orange for now (since that is what we had), but I would like to look for a green one if I can snag it post-holiday for 50% off.

The set of two pre-lit trees I got at Target around mid November.  I saw in the weekly ad that they were on sale for $30 for the set and Steve had gotten a $5 gift card for buying body wash or something, so I got my two cute little trees for $25!  We placed them in my planter pots with dirt because I learned early on, they blow over really easily with the wind.  I had purchased some "old fashioned" bulb lights last year (you know, the orange, white, red, blue, green big glass bulb ones?  I love them because they take me back to our Christmas lights as a kid) and put those on our little holly bushes.

Looks pretty cute if I do say so!  In fact, our neighbors directly across the street must have thought so too because they bought the same pre-lit trees and put them on either side of their door last week!

Because I had the extra strands of lights and I thought it would be fun, I decorated two of our larger bushes in our backyard.  It is nice to look out and see some Christmas cheer as we sit in the family room every night.

December 6, 2010

The stockings were hung by the mantle with care...

I cannot express how happy I was to move into a house that had a fireplace and a great mantle!  It is already kind of full with all the stockings for our 20 Paws, so when June Bug is here next year, we will have to make some room!  The question will be...will it be a green stocking with a red cuff for a boy or a red stocking with green trim for a girl?  Hmm...

I found the glitter trees and "Be Merry" stand at a Hallmark near my work 50% off last post-Christmas sale and I just love them.  They are my new favorite piece of decor.

The glass jars on the right are what I had my gourds in for the fall.  I put some inexpensive bulbs from Target in them for the holidays to add some balance to the mantle.

Across from the fireplace is our couch.  I found the large red snowflake pillow and green reindeer pillows at Target and the long "Ho, Ho, Ho" pillow at Pier One this season.  Love them all!!  

I was lucky enough to inherit a some of a Christmas village that my dad had painted in ceramics nearly 20 years ago from my grandparents, as well as purchasing some of my own over the years.  However, having cats and putting these under the tree never worked out so well, so they have been in boxes for at least 5 years.  I was very excited to have room to display them this year and am looking forward to adding on with some post holiday deals this year.  Steve spotted a casino and beer garden and would like to add those to our "city".  Oh boy. :)

December 5, 2010

Christmas is here...our trees!

I had a weekend back in mid November where I had a ton of energy, didn't feel nauseous and was motivated to decorate.  So our decor has been up for about 3 weeks now and I have been really enjoying decorating our new place.

I had forgotten about some of the deals I had found post Christmas last year and was giddy with excitement going through my boxes this year.  We finally have a house big enough to put out all my stuff!  Well, except for the ornaments.  I need a bigger tree!

I had to make some decisions as to what was hung this year and what didn't make the rotation.   My parents have gotten me an ornament every year since I was born and on top of working at a Hallmark for 5 years of my teenage life, it equals a lot of ornaments.

We have two trees up this year.  Our main tree in the living room and a mini tree in the family room that has the 20 Paws ornaments...of course they all have their own!

I will post our trees today and other parts of the house this week.
Benny in his favorite spot...knock on wood, there has been no ornament casualties this year!
Close up of the top of our tree.
Tree with lights on
Tree without the lights on
The tree for the 20 Paws

December 3, 2010

Apologizing for the blogging hiatus but...

This little June Bug has been sucking all motivation to cook and do much around the house these days!

Yes, 20 Paws, 4 Feet will be gaining two more feet come early June 2011!  We are so very excited and I am anxious to get some motivation back to cook here in the 2nd trimester!  Grocery stores were not my friends for a few weeks and I am still having some meat aversions.  The house is decorated for the holidays, so I will get those pictures posted next week.


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