March 31, 2010

Fun Spring Find...Dry Daffodils!

My world tour has nearly come to an end...thank goodness.  Last week I was in Tokyo and Shanghai for work and I have never been happier to be home!  I did have a good trip, but nothing is better than your own home, husband and furry kids at the end of the day!

So, after I got home, we needed to go grocery shopping.  We decided to go to Trader Joe's for about our once every couple month trip there to stock up.  I absolutely love Trader Joe's floral section and this past Sunday was no exception.  I am so excited to share my find with you!

I saw daffodils all stacked up on top of each other not in water and thought it was a bit weird, so I read the sign a little more closely and it said "dry daffodils, place in water and they will bloom".  I was a tad skeptical, but for $1.49 per bunch, it was worth a shot.

I bought 2 bunches, brought them home, placed in water and they looked like this:

About 24 hours later, they started to open up!  I was amazed.  This picture was taken last night, so about 48 hours later...full bloom!

Not bad for $3.00!  Now, I have a touch of spring on my kitchen table :)

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Danielle and Clint said...

I was buying these like crazy in April! Can't beat that price!


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