May 26, 2010

We are back! New home, new discoveries!

The past few months have been a blur for us, so I apologize for the blogging hiatus.  We moved to a new home at the beginning of May and absolutely love it!  It is great to be able to walk to downtown Royal Oak, the Farmers Market and good friends are so very close. We are all settled in and getting in new routines, which is always an adjustment.  I really don't know my way around this side of town too well, but I am getting there.  Change is a good thing, right?

Our latest new routine we started was ordering organic fruits and veggies from Door to Door Organics.  We received our first "bitty" box today.  We are going to try out this size and a bi-weekly delivery for now and see how we like it.  One of my good friends does a crop share with some local farmers, which always sounded like a great idea to me, but she never had a say in what she got.  What was appealing about this service is you can change your menu up until the day before your delivery.  So we swapped out some things we might not like for things we wanted.  Great deal, right?

The price is really reasonable and how convenient!  Delivered right to your door!

Now, if we can just find a place to deliver wine...and this cucumber lime vodka a friend got me hooked on...

Here is our bounty from Door to Door we received today:

We receive a little over a pound of fingerling potatoes, 4 bananas, a large bunch of spinach, a pint of strawberries, about 8 Roma tomatoes, 2 apples, a mango, 2 cucumbers and 2 avocados.  The items we swapped out were oranges, red lettuce and carrots.

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