June 4, 2010

New Discovery #2 - Motor City Wine Club

In my post about our new organic fruits and veggie delivery service, I mentioned how I wish I could find a place to deliver wine.  Lo and behold, Steve did!  We didn't have to look far, but we did find a place and I wanted to share it with you people out there.

Motor City Wine is located in downtown Detroit, upstairs from our favorite bar Foran's Grand Trunk Pub, on Woodward at Congress.  During the winter months, Foran's would host a supper club, which we would gladly partake in.  They paired fantastic food with a beer or wine for every course.  The wine was provided by Motor City Wine.  Each dinner, we would find a new wine that we liked and, of course, would proceed to buy the bottles.  Not only was the wine delicious, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable.   Furthermore, the wine was priced at a fantastic value.  We quickly became fans of Motor City Wine!

So, we were pleased to find out they were starting a wine club.  You can get delivery, but since we are so close, we just picked up this month's allotment.  We think it is a great value...6 bottles for $60.  We decided on the 3 red, 3 white option since I like white and Steve likes red.  They do have an all white or an all red option as well.

They pick the selections for you and since we always liked what they suggested, we figured they can't go wrong with this!  Plus, it will expand our wine horizons...trying different kinds we typically wouldn't try searching on our own.

From left to right (winery - location - type):
  • Vina Alarba - Spain - Grenache
  • Cristobal 1492 - Argentina - Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Bokisch - California - Graciano
  • Paso a Paso -  Spain - Verdejo
  • Domaine du Trillol - France - Corbieres Blanc
  • Morande Pionero - Chile- Sauvignon Blanc
The Sauvignon Blanc from Morande Pionero is what I had last night with my girlfriends and we all liked it!

I will be sure to keep posting which ones we have tried...who doesn't like great wine for around $10/bottle! We highly suggest you check out Motor City Wine...great people and great wine!



Ellbell said...

There is a Wine Club in Oxford as well. They do the same 6 bottles deal, you can choose the $60 or the $120 club.

Jhon said...

Thanks its great to know about the wine club, I wanted to get the detail information about sherry wine club , can you suggest me.


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