December 5, 2010

Christmas is here...our trees!

I had a weekend back in mid November where I had a ton of energy, didn't feel nauseous and was motivated to decorate.  So our decor has been up for about 3 weeks now and I have been really enjoying decorating our new place.

I had forgotten about some of the deals I had found post Christmas last year and was giddy with excitement going through my boxes this year.  We finally have a house big enough to put out all my stuff!  Well, except for the ornaments.  I need a bigger tree!

I had to make some decisions as to what was hung this year and what didn't make the rotation.   My parents have gotten me an ornament every year since I was born and on top of working at a Hallmark for 5 years of my teenage life, it equals a lot of ornaments.

We have two trees up this year.  Our main tree in the living room and a mini tree in the family room that has the 20 Paws ornaments...of course they all have their own!

I will post our trees today and other parts of the house this week.
Benny in his favorite spot...knock on wood, there has been no ornament casualties this year!
Close up of the top of our tree.
Tree with lights on
Tree without the lights on
The tree for the 20 Paws

1 comment:

Transient Xpress said...

Your trees are fabulous! Nicely done. Sadly, ours has no ornaments. Frosty climbs it too often. Seriously. The casualties at this point are infinite!


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