September 26, 2010

Fall House Decoration

The weather has turned here and I couldn't be happier!  I like summer when it is a nice 75-80 with no humidity and a nice storm every now and then.  We did not have that at all this past summer in Michigan, and I am loving snuggling up under blankets due to the cold air coming through the windows not because of the central air (which I am very grateful to have in this house).

As soon as that chill hits, I start envisioning fall decor.  Having a new house to decorate got me reinvigorated from the past year when I was burned out from the house and ready for the move.  So, here are some of my new favorite fall things I have put up or planted this month.
Flowering new outdoor fall obsession.
Sunflowers from Eastern the brown ones.
My stackable designer pumpkins from Eastern Market

Various gourds in glass containers and my Happy Halloween recycled cardboard garland from Etsy Seller CardboardSheek

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