September 21, 2009

My Love of Eastern Market

This past weekend, I spent Saturday morning at one of my most favorite places in Detroit, Eastern Market. Steve was at a golf tournament, so I got to walk around and enjoy it all by myself.

The Market will forever hold a very special place in my heart, because the morning of the wedding, before heading to St. Mary's for the ceremony, my bridesmaids and I walked around the stalls taking pictures with some of the locals. Those moments were some of my favorites from 05.09.09. There was just this immediate out-pouring of love and joy for me and us. Random cheering, picture taking and just Detroit Love. I specifically recall a woman walking by us and saying "You are the most beautiful thing I have seen in the Market all day." How could you not get warm fuzzies from those random words of kindness?

I now walk through the stalls and remember those moments and I find myself smiling at everyone while being there and just loving being a Detroiter...which I say with pride. This city has had its face shoved in the mud so much lately (some of it much deserved, cough, Kwame), but I have nothing but love for Detroit, which I hope to share with all of you. If you haven't been, I highly suggest you go. It is truly one of the best things the city has to offer.

Here are some pictures from that morning which I just had to share.

Enough of the trip down memory lane...I had a list of things I was looking for and was able to get most of them, with the exception of bananas.

I also broke down and finally bought a little portable, collapsable shopping cart at J.R. Hirt. For as much as we go down there, we waited long enough to get one. It really made walking from one end of the market to the other much easier without having to walk back to the car.

I was so excited to get some fresh, fall decor for the house, of course, for cheap since I was at Eastern Market. Bunches of sunflowers, funky pumpkins and corn stalks for the front yard. Misson accomplished! Fall is on its way!

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Mrs.CFH2 said...

It definitely holds a special place in my heart too. My grandpa owned "Joe's Liquor" for I don't even know how many years. He was Joe. :) Sounds like a fun day and your flower pics on FB are making me totally jealous!


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